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Black Creek Plantation Union Springs, Alabama in Bullock County

About Black Creek Plantation of Alabama

A Letter from the Manager of Black Creek:

Pitts Lowman Black Creek Plantation of Alabama is owned by my aunt and uncle, Sunni and Wayne Green. When they informed me that Black Creek was available for lease I got 9 of my friends that I have hunted with for years to join up with me to lease Black Creek and start our own club. The rest is history.

Black Creek Plantation is located 10 miles west of Union Springs, Al in the west central part of Bullock County which is well known for growing big whitetails. This in itself was worth the money, but along with the great deer hunting we also have world class fishing.

There have been several fishing shows filmed on the watershed which is a beautiful 115 acre lake as well as the back pond at the lodge. We also have an abundance of hogs, turkey, quail, squirrel and predators.

Wildlife is what drew us to Black Creek but family has made Black Creek Plantation what it is today. Every member of Black Creek has children and that is what we make this about. We, the members of Black Creek are one big family. We have a great group of people who like to have fun and make Black Creek everyone's home away from home.

Wounded Warrior HuntThe members of Black Creek have come to an agreement that we are ready to grow our family. One thing that bought us to the decision was when we participated in the Wounded Warrior hunting retreat. Everyone had a wonderful time doing it.We saw then that we had something we could offer to
other families. In order to do this we have decided to sell a limited amount of hunts through the year. These guided hunts will
be for 1, 2, or 3 days.

1 day will not include food or lodging so please bring a lunch. 2 or 3 day hunts will include lodging and food. These packages are offered all through the year which includes deer, hog, turkey, fishing and quail.

We are also going to have a few limited annual memberships available. We are going to offer 4 deer, 4 turkey, 4 fishing, and 4 hog memberships. These memberships are for your family only, sorry no guests. These memberships do not include use of the lodge, but will include use of the cleaning shed. When these memberships are filled there will be no more

This is a non-profit hunting club. The proceeds we accrue from selling memberships and hunts go into the improvement of land, lodges and leases.

If you are interested in hunting or fishing in Bullock County, Alabama and would like to become part of the Black Creek family you can contact us here on our website or you can send us an email to I will be more than happy to answer any questions you may have.

Thank you,

Pitts Lowman
Property Manager, Black Creek Plantation

Black Creek Plantation
of Alabama
491 County Road 15
Union Springs, Al 36089

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491 County Road 15, Union Springs, Al 36089

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Black Creek Plantation Facebook Group Black Creek Plantation on Twitter Black Creek Plantation on YouTube