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Parker Agnew

My name is Parker.

My favorite memories at Black Creek are looking at Maddy King, riding four wheelers, deer hunting, duck hunting and squirrel hunting.

All of the members are my favorite, especially Chase & Pitts Lowman.

I have only been hunting for a year and I love it.

I killed a spike out here and dropped it!

Cole Frost

Cole FrostHi, my name is Cole Frost.

What I like about Black Creek is riding four wheelers, hunting, fishing and especially duck hunting.

I love hanging out with good peoples and it being like one big happy family.

It's a great place and I am lucky to be there all the time!

P.S. I was the only one who killed 2 deer with 1 shot!

Chace Gregory

Hi my name is Chace.

My favorite memories of Black Creek are riding four wheelers, deer hunting, duck hunting and squirrel hunting.

When we ride four wheelers we have so much fun! We mud ride and we sometimes get stuck.

When I went deer hunting I shot and killed a big 6 point and a big 9 point buck.

My favorite of all was duck hunting with Chase Lowman. It was so much fun we had a blast!

My retreiver, Maddy King, is a beast!

These are a few reasons why I LOVE BLACK CREEK!

Kelsie Gregory

I think Black Creek Plantation is fun.

We ride four wheelers and golf carts. We play hide-n-go seek. We get to hunt and fish. I also killed my 1st deer at Black Creek Plantation. We mud ride and get everything stuck!

We've had Halloween Parties and a Christmas party.
There are a ton of kids down there and adults. Everybody gets along.

There are four dogs down there: Jake, Bo, and sometimes Smokey aka Smoke and all the time Drake. And that's what I think of Black Creek Plantation!

Seth Gregory

My name is Seth.

My favorite memories at Black Creek are riding four wheelers, fishing and hunting.

It was so much fun! I killed big bucks this year!

The folks at Black Creek are good and nice to the guests and members.

Black Creek is AWESOME!

Hunter King

Where do I even begin to start when it comes to talking about Black Creek Plantation? First off, before you even begin to meet the wonderful members there you can’t help but notice the acres upon acres of beautiful land on the property. Before even going on my first hunt I was astounded by the sheer looks of the property. To this day it is still one of my favorite parts about visiting Black Creek. Not to mention the excellent location and scenery of nearly all the shooting houses and stands. With a set up like this I feel primed to see some action every time I hunt. Growing up I didn’t have a strong back ground in hunting, but this year Black Creek has given me the ability to sharpen my hunting skills and help others by working with The Wounded Warrior Project. Aside from the great hunting, Black Creek is also great for fishing, and even though fishing is not my thing I can speak for the others when I say those ponds are the place you want to be. When I’m not off in the woods my favorite thing to do is just hang out with the other members of Black Creek. It’s rare that you find a mix of people like this that resemble such a family. Some of my favorite memories at Black Creek come from just hanging around the cabin joking and listening to stories like Pitts’s tall tales. When it comes down to it there is no place I'd rather spend my free time than Black Creek Plantation.

Maddy King

Maddy King Black Creek Plantation is amazing! Don’t even get me started on why I love that place. We are like a huge family, and you're never bored. I mean how could you ever be bored when you have so many things to do, like riding fourwheelers, fishing, hunting, and everything. My top favorite memories of Black Creek are... Redneck tubing, I guess you can say it’s dangerous but were all country, and we don’t care. I know your probably like what?!? But I can explain, our “tube” is the top of a diesel can hooked to the fourwheeler with a rope. It’s hilarious! We always have kids wanting to ride like Cole Frost, Seth Gregory, Dirty D and others. My other top memory of Black Creek is getting the fourwheelers stuck in the pond. I remember thinking I would NEVER get in the pond in January, but I got into the water to help get the fourwheelers out. I remember thinking that Chace Gregory was going to kill us when we got his stuck (he wasn’t there at the time), because it was the fourwheeler that he just got for Christmas. Plus it was stuck pretty good and it was only Reid Whitaker and I to get it out. But we did get it out and afterwards we looked for Pitts to show him the fourwheeler and I could barley talk because I was laughing so much.

These are only a few memories and reasons I LOVE Black Creek!

Love Y'all
~Maddy King

Beth Lowman

Beth Lowman I love to go because Maddy is there and I can pick on Mr. Jon and Mr. Chris is fun and Aunt Stacy and Uncle James come to see us and I like animals and I like to hunt and I love my daddy. P.S. I was the first one to kill a 6 point buck when youth season started!

Amy James Lowman, Beth's Mom

I am confident that my daughter gets the best hunting instruction she can receive from the hunters at Black Creek. They teach her basic hunting skills and model important safety skills that children need to learn to be safe and skillful hunters. In a world where so many things can influence a child, it is nice to know that the hunters and owners of Black Creek Plantation are making positive influence on my daughter and other children who are excited about the sport of hunting.

Chase Lowman

My name is Chase Lowman, son of Pitts Lowman. I am so blessed to have such a great father who has provided me with all the things I have and opportunities I get to explore, such as the hunting club.

Out of all the memories I can think of my favorite memory at Black Creek was when we did the Wounded Warrior Project. We had six active duty soldiers who had been injured in the war. This was very special to me because it showed me that there are people out there who still care for America and it’s really good to be patriotic for our troops. It gave me a great deal of respect for our troops and I’m thankful for getting to share the opportunity.

Black Creek is more than a hunting club; it is a great family place. Words can’t express how close of a family we are. I love every one of the members and families like they’re my own. Every weekend we cookout, mud ride, and fish. I believe we have the best shooting houses and tree stand locations in Alabama.

David Watson

David WatsonI love Black Creek Plantation because the hunting is so much fun! You will see a deer almost every time you go.

Also riding four wheelers is a blast. The last week of deer season, it was really muddy. So we were mud riding on our four wheelers. And I took my mom on a ride and we went mud riding and she FREAKED out. It was hilarious.

The friends I have met at Black Creek are all like family to me now. We all have such a great time together riding four wheelers, fishing, hunting or whatever we are doing.

Black Creek is AWESOME!

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